Consultations on proposed projects
Engineering and job cost analysis available
Friendly helpful advice for "do it yourselfers"

Our company offers, design, consulting, project management, residential construction, and
finish of abandoned projects.
This one stop shop approach to having all your construction questions answered and
implemented streamlines the process of getting a project off the drawing board and into
the real world.  
We have a dedicated group of employees who have worked together for many years
building trust among each other and confidence in our customers that we can get the job
done in a timely manner and at  reasonable costs.
We work on a Cost Plus a Percentage basis, where we listen to your ideas, implement the
concept onto paper, give a detailed cost estimate of what the project will likely
run, barring changes and additions to the work.   
The cost of the project breaks down to materials and labor, with a percentage above that
amount for profit and overhead.
The customer is billed every two weeks with an itemized bill of labor
(on time clocks) and all the receipts from material purchases through that time period.
Because residential remodeling has so many construction variables, changes are inevitable,
generally, because of existing conditions of the structure. Working on a cost plus basis
lets the builder build to his best ability, eliminating the need for overestimating for
unforeseen conditions and not having to "cut corners " to make up for "underguestimating"
the preexisting conditions of the site.
We will do projects on a fixed cost basis if desired, but this may cause delays in
construction if and when a change order is required to continue the work.  With a change
order, you need to estimate for the cost of the change, get the written approval to
continue , or re-estimate until a design and price is approved by the home owner.  Then, we
can begin work where we left off.  If working on a tight budget, and time of construction
is not a critical factor, this would be the way to make sure the work is within the working
We have a group of  highly professional sub contractors, engineers and design consultants that can
assist with the work when the needs arise. They work with us on a continuous basis and have done so
for years, making jobs run smoothly and efficiently.
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