Looking in other direction

I've been meaning to e-mail you for a week now.  I was at a friend's
House last week to see her fancy new remodel.  It's almost done.  It's been in the
works since about Oct 2005 with about as much as we did minus the kitchen (Yes
that is well over a year).  I don't know how much they've spent, but it's plenty.  I do
know that she and her husband are now in marriage counseling for lots of
reasons...including the remodel.

Here's the thanks.  Looking at the work, it was nice but just not perfect.
Lots of oopsies and corners cut.  My friend is happy and thrilled but quick to point
out what not to notice.  As I was walking through room by room I was so grateful
once again for the fine service and craftsmanship you and your crew provided for
us.  Our house is in an entire other league.  
Even 3 years later our house stands above in quality, design and workmanship
than hers does brand spanking new.  In so many areas:  construction, paint, tile
work...you name it.

For example a skylight was placed and you could see light leaking in around the
edge, or in the shower, which was river rock, the drain was in the corner and water
pooled in the middle.  Little details.  You thought of everything!

I've noticed this time and again as we visit other people's homes brand new or
remodeled.  Just tonight we had a dinner party for 4 couples.  I still love showing
this place off.  Each room is still my favorite and it still looks like it was completed

Kudos to you and your guys.  We are very satisfied customers.  

Take care,
Amy Solomon
Gourmet kitchen
Master bedroom suite prior to
completion;finished now with
steam shower, soaking tub, walk
in closet & toilet /bidet closet
Mouse over
Pat & Martha Stow kitchen design & renovation
(move mouse over picture)
Lanahan residence after the 89 earthquake & after the remodel
interior and exterior, with front face lift and new master bathroom.
Mayle residence, large underground  addition & expansion
slot cut under existing residence to create 3 car garage, family room, laundry room. Create formal entry, expanded  
living room and kitchen, convert existing garage into office space. Create decks above family room and garage areas.
Pearlman/ Barber addition
remodeled master bedroom and bath,
new kitchen cabinets, extended the
living room and added a front porch
changed roof line.  New windows/sky
lights and doors.  
Mouse over picture
Crafts room
George residence before & after 1500 Sq.ft. Addition
Solomon residence addition & renovation
add on master bedroom suite upstairs, new & expanded kitchen,  guest bedroom,
crafts room , laundry and guest bath.
Design by Richard Emigh