Chris & Mary Dateo Kitchen,
and family room addition.  
Added about 400 Sq.Ft.  to
their home
designed by Mike Kinoshita  
Example of the type of showers that are popular now-
granite tile walls & floor, frameless 1/2" thick shower
door. La Rue Bath
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Generating construction drawings and perspective views to help visually express the desires of the client and make sure
we build what you envisio
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Walters bath, old and new
Mrs Clyde's Pond & patio
   (mouse over)
Kate Ponton porch step & handrail design to compliment the vintage Victorian style,
~ note the old hand rail in full front picture ~
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Hi Steve,

I hope you have been well. My brother passed along to
me your kind words about my mother's passing in
October, but allow me to extend also my personal thanks
for all the wonderful work you did for her. It's not just that
the improvements to her home greatly improved her
quality of life in her last few years, although that is very
true. But also, she truly enjoyed interacting with you and
your team. With the relationships you built, it became a
matter of having friends come over to visit and work on
her house, rather than an intrusion from strangers. I don't
think I can ever adequately express how much that
means to me.

In addition to all that, however, it appears I have even
more to thank you for, as the potential prices that
realtors have quoted me for what the house may go for
are far more than Shirley had ever imagined. She was
really torn about spending so much of the equity in the
house on those improvements and was worried that the
reverse mortgage would drain it enough that there
wouldn't be much for us kids. It appears now that the
exact opposite is true, and the work you did has helped
to increase the value of the house enough that we will be
able to pay off the reverse mortgage with plenty to spare
for the three of us. I know that Shirley would be over the
moon at this turn of events.
Thanks again, Steve, from the bottom of my heart. I
hope to hear from you soon.

Best and warmest regards,

--Deirdre A. Clyde